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How StoreDot Is Changing The Way We Think About Electric Vehicle Batteries

  • Written by : Ashton G. Curran
  • Date Published : 2023-04-13
  • Date Updated : 2023-04-13
  • Category / Tag : articles
How StoreDot Is Changing The Way We Think About Electric Vehicle Batteries
StoreDot is a company that aims to develop batteries capable of providing a range of 100 miles on a two-minute charge....

This technology roadmap, called "100inX," could help make electric vehicles more affordable and save even more CO₂ emissions.

The company claims that car manufacturers can switch to smaller batteries by using XFC battery technology, resulting in cheaper, lighter, and more sustainable electric vehicles.

Smaller batteries could lead to improved overall conditions in electric cars.

They would increase vehicle efficiency, allow for greater use of regenerative braking, reduce CO₂ emissions, and lower costs.

StoreDot believes that more affordable and lighter electric vehicles will appeal to a wider audience and encourage the adoption and transition to electric vehicles.

StoreDot's XFC technology allows OEMs to optimize a vehicle's weight and cost, instead of pushing for ever-increasing range and battery size.

The battery manufacturer has shown how this could look using a calculation example.

Downsizing the battery pack of an average premium vehicle that requires a 50 kWh battery instead of an 80 kWh battery could reduce the weight of the electric vehicle by around 200 kg.

This also translates into a cost reduction of approximately $4,500, subject to metal cost variability and energy density improvements.

The positive effects of such a design change on the vehicle's CO₂ emissions are also significant.

As the amount of raw materials used in each vehicle decreases, the carbon footprint of the vehicle throughout its life cycle is reduced.

XFC in smaller batteries also means efficient regenerative braking, as it can absorb the corresponding recuperated high currents better.

According to StoreDot's CEO, Dr.

Doron Myersdorf, until recently, OEMs increased the size of the battery packs in their electric vehicles due to the fear of range anxiety among drivers switching from petrol/diesel to electric for the first time.

However, with radically reduced charge times, automakers can now rethink their approach to battery size and range.

If charging times are no longer an issue, it makes much more sense to fit smaller battery packs.

The cost savings could change the accessibility of EVs and the sustainability of batteries.

StoreDot's XFC batteries and systems are currently being tested by more than 15 global automakers.

Other potential production partnerships are also in the pipeline for this year.

However, StoreDot's XFC batteries have sometimes not been nominated for series or pre-series production.

Until then, the company's examples are just paper calculations.