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The Volkswagen Golf 9 Will Be Electric

  • Written by : Ashton G. Curran
  • Date Published : 2023-04-13
  • Date Updated : 2023-04-13
  • Category / Tag : volkswagen
The Volkswagen Golf 9 Will Be Electric
Volkswagen CEO, Thomas Schäfer, recently confirmed that the iconic Golf name will continue its legacy with an all-electric model....

However, the electric Golf 9 will not make its debut until 2028, according to Schäfer.

The move towards electrification has led many to believe that the current generation, the eighth, would be the last for the Golf name, but Schäfer confirmed that Volkswagen has no intention of abandoning their iconic names.

In an interview with German media newspaper Automobilwoche, Schäfer stated, "It is clear that we will not give up iconic names such as the Golf, Tiguan and GTI, but we will transfer them to the electric world".

This means that the name Golf, which has been in use since 1974, will be kept exclusively for a fully electric model, without any combustion engine variants.

Although the Golf 9 will be electric, it won't be seen until at least 2028, when Volkswagen launches its new SSP electric platform.

In the meantime, the eighth generation of the Golf will receive updates in 2024 and will continue until the end of the decade.

Schäfer stated, "Then we will have to see how the segment develops.

If by 2026 or 2027 the automotive sector becomes something different from what is predicted today, we could even launch a completely new vehicle.

But I don't expect that to happen".

The electric Volkswagen Golf will still have to maintain the main features that have characterized the model since its inception.

It will need to continue being a "Golf Genius," as Schäfer puts it.

Overall, this is a clear indication that Volkswagen is fully committed to electrification and intends to continue its legacy with iconic names like the Golf.