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Sweden Is Ahead Of Germany And UK In Electric Cars

  • Written by : Ashton G. Curran
  • Date Published : 2023-04-11
  • Date Updated : 2023-04-11
  • Category / Tag : articles
Sweden Is Ahead Of Germany And UK In Electric Cars
According to the EY Electric Vehicle Country Readiness Index, Sweden is the leader in electric cars. Although China ranks highest overall, Sweden is in third place and second place based on consumer demand. This is due to the country's stable consumer demand, strong energy ecosystem, and many OEM manufacturers....

If further political agreements and measures are implemented alongside an expanded charging infrastructure, the opportunities for electrification can be accelerated.

EY's index analyzes the top vehicle markets in the world for the introduction of electric cars based on supply, demand, and regulations.

It includes 14 countries, including Sweden.

While China is at the forefront due to battery manufacturing, increased demand, and an extensive charging infrastructure, Sweden is ahead of Germany and Great Britain.

This is because of the country's fundamentally strong energy ecosystem, high production rate of electric cars, and large demand among consumers.

Furthermore, companies in Sweden are taking initiatives to develop energy storage, smart charging solutions, and V2G.

According to EY's index for demand for electric cars, Sweden ranks second after electric car pioneer Norway.

It is 36 percent of consumers in Sweden who plan that their next car purchase will be a plug-in hybrid or fully electric car.

The electrification of the Swedish car fleet continues, even among taxi companies in the country.

However, the index shows that Sweden ranks lower in regulations, specifically in seventh place.

While there are various incentives such as purchase subsidies and tax benefits, the charging facilities are considered insufficient by many.

Approximately 44 percent of consumers in Sweden are concerned about the infrastructure for charging.

Martin Cardell, global mobility manager at EY, believes that there is a demand for electric cars and that the conditions need to be created to meet this demand.

He explains that the leading countries in the index have a combination of regulations to stimulate demand, local battery production, and a stable infrastructure.

The EY Electric Vehicle Country Readiness Index is an analysis of countries' transition towards electrified vehicles based on three perspectives: supply, demand, and regulatory factors.

It includes a comparison and ranking of 14 countries, including France, India, Italy, Japan, Canada, China, Netherlands, Norway, Great Britain, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Germany, and the USA.

The analysis considers 22 different factors to provide insights into what opportunities and changes are required for an effective transition to electrified vehicles.