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Renault Announces Discontinuation Of 4 Popular Models By 2025

  • Written by : Ashton G. Curran
  • Date Published : 2023-04-09
  • Date Updated : 2023-04-09
  • Category / Tag : renault
Renault Announces Discontinuation Of 4 Popular Models By 2025
Renault, the French automaker, has recently announced the discontinuation of four of its popular models by 2025. These include the Twingo, Arkana, ZOE, and Mégane 4....

The move comes as Renault makes way for several new models, such as the Austral, the future large Captur, and the electric R4 and R5, which will require more space in the manufacturer's range.

Although the disappearance of some of these models may be less difficult than others, such as the Talisman, Koleos, and Scenic and Espace thermal minivans, some of the models, such as the Twingo and Arkana, have been institutions in their own right.

Renault Twingo to be Discontinued in 2024

Despite being in production for 30 years, the Renault Twingo will be discontinued in 2024 due to rising production costs and the arrival of Euro 7 standards, which particularly impact the A segment of city cars.

The Twingo has been a popular city car, offered in both gasoline and electric options, and millions of motorists have enjoyed driving it.

Although widespread, it is time for the Twingo to make way for new models, and the Renault range will begin next year with the restyled Clio in thermal and the R5 in electric.

Arkana Discontinued in 2025

The Arkana, a coupé SUV, is a recent success for Renault and ranked in the top 10 of sales in France in 2022.

However, Renault has decided to part with it in 2025, despite its success.

The Arkana has no direct competition among generalists, and it was launched at the right time to complement the sales of a Kadjar that was still lagging behind.

The Arkana will be restyled at the end of this year, and Renault has planned to launch an Austral Coupé that will hunt the same target.

The Arkana, produced in South Korea, will have to leave the production lines to make way for other models badged Samsung.

Renault ZOE to be Replaced by Electric R5

The Renault ZOE was one of the flagship models of the first zero-emission ZE offensive, and it will have long been the best-selling electric car in France.

However, its sales have gradually declined, and Renault has chosen not to renew it directly.

Instead, the manufacturer will create a model inspired by an icon of the 70s, the Renault 5, which will return next year in all-electric.

This radical change may also help to lower prices with a more economical platform.

With an electric R5 displayed from €25,000, no one should ultimately regret the ZOE.

Mégane 4 to be Discontinued in 2024

Renault will extend the production of its thermal Mégane 4 alongside the electric Megane E-TECH, but sales of the thermal compact are decreasing.

The disaffection for sedans in favor of SUVs has not helped, and Renault is anticipating the legislation of 2035 by discontinuing its thermal Mégane from next year.

The range is very limited, with the latest RS version still available to reserve as the Megane RS Ultime.

Although there is still room for thermal compacts, Renault's rival Peugeot 308 ranks in the top 10 best sellers in France, and Renault may have missed the window to launch a thermal Megane 5, which would have had to come out in 2022.