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Stellantis Will Hire 1200 People In France

  • Written by : Ashton G. Curran
  • Date Published : 2023-04-05
  • Date Updated : 2023-04-05
  • Category / Tag : articles
Stellantis Will Hire 1200 People In France
The manufacturer, Stellantis, has announced plans to hire 1,200 employees in France in 2023, with recruitment in production, engineering and R&D, and trade sectors....

The company had recruited 1,050 people in France in 2022, and the director of human resources and transformation at Stellantis, Xavier Chéreau, stated that they plan to hire more in 2023.

The FO union welcomed the news in a press release and said that the company plans to recruit 300 people in production, 200 in engineering and R&D, and 700 in trade.

The group underlined that the energy transition requires an unprecedented evolution of the production tool, with some sites converting entirely from the manufacture of heat engines to electric motors or batteries of French technology.

In 2022, 13,000 employees were trained in electrification at the Trémery-Metz or Douvrin sites.

Stellantis is to inaugurate its first European battery factory on May 30 in Douvrin.

The company already has 80 employees working there, and it plans to add at least 400 employees by 2024.

The same scheme is planned for Trémery-Metz, where 500 employees will work for the E-Transmissions joint venture and 700 at e-Motors from 2024.

The company had reduced its footprint in Europe in recent years, resulting in more than 26,000 employees leaving the company by the end of 2022, leaving a total of 272,367 employees worldwide, according to the company's annual financial report.

However, the group, which recorded a record net profit of 16.8 billion euros in 2022, plans to redistribute 2 billion euros to its employees.