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Fog Lights are Disappearing From Modern Cars

  • Written by : Ashton G. Curran
  • Date Published : 2023-04-03
  • Date Updated : 2023-04-03
  • Category / Tag : articles
Fog Lights are Disappearing From Modern Cars
Lighting technology brought a great development to car headlights, as a result of which the familiar fog lights began to disappear....

The lights of modern cars are constantly evolving, as a result they perform better in all conditions and incorporate many useful functions.

The headlights are still the "eyes" of the car and if they have a distinct design, they give it a strong technological profile that appeals.

But the most important thing is that good and correct lighting reduces the risk of accidents .

Light technology is of great interest to motoring, which is why we are seeing so much development in this very important field .

From halogen and xenon bulbs, to LED and laser headlights, headlights are becoming more and more advanced.

The task of today's headlights is not easy, and in addition to the correct lighting, they must "work" in all conditions and not blind other road users .

LED headlights

The technology of LED headlights helps in this, since it can divide the light rays, and even direct them with the corresponding systems.

In addition, the lights of modern cars have started to get smaller and become part of the design .

And this is because LED technology projectors do not need a reflector, helping designers in their work.

But we should mention that there are several types of low-cost LED headlights that are usually equipped with MFR (Multi Face Reflector) LED reflectors, while more expensive cars are equipped with LED projectors.

All this technological progress in car lights, brought over time the gradual disappearance of fog lights .

The high performance LED type headlights have rendered the fog lights useless, as the efficiency of the latter has decreased significantly.

But in the past, fog lights were used to cover the inefficiency of the main headlights, and now the opposite is happening.

In fact, some models have LED lights with a function for low light conditions or even directional ones.