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Toyota has sold 10 million Yaris in 25 years

  • Written by : Ashton G. Curran
  • Date Published : 2023-04-01
  • Date Updated : 2023-04-01
  • Category / Tag : toyota
Toyota has sold 10 million Yaris in 25 years
Toyota celebrates its little Yaris , which has just passed the bar of 10 million units produced!...

A great success for Toyota, its Yaris thus becomes the sixth of the brand to pass this milestone on a global scale.

And this ten millionth copy produced leaves the chains of the French factory of Onnaing-Valenciennes: it is a Toyota Yaris GR SPORT Hybrid .

The Yaris is produced in 10 countries! This success is also a French success, since the Toyota factory in Onnaing-Valenciennes has been producing Yaris since 2001 for the European market.

It has even become the most produced car in France! While French manufacturers have relocated the production of their city cars to eastern Europe, Toyota has remained in France for 22 years.

The factory also now produces the Yaris Cross, the SUV version of this model, which is also a real success.

The very first generation of the Yaris saw the light of day in 1999, with production in Japan.

Since then, the small city car has established itself throughout the world: it is now manufactured in around ten countries.

Apart from France and Japan, it is also manufactured in Brazil, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand, and the Czech Republic.

For the 10 million units, Toyota only counted cars badged as "Yaris", "Vitz", "Yaris Cross" and "GR Yaris".

In 2000, the first Yaris won the title of Car of the Year, A first for Toyota.

This model then imposed its style, and its low displacement but vitaminized petrol engines.

It is only the third generation that will switch to hybridization, now standard on the range, with the exception of the sporty GR Yaris.

In the meantime, the little Japanese will even have been offered with a diesel engine! The model has therefore gradually adapted to the market and to demand.

The current generation relies just as much on hybridization as on its dynamic style: being economical is no longer enough, you have to seduce.

Its ultimate evolution is of course the crossover version, this Yaris Cross which already sells more than the sedan on the French market.

Toyota is a success story automotive champion.

Toyota Yaris 1.6 Gr Premium 4wd 261 Pk

The manufacturer has indeed in the catalog several best-sellers which have exceeded 10 million copies: the Corolla, the Camry, the Hilux pick-up, the RAV4 and the Land Cruiser.