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The Futuristic Audi Activesphere Concept

  • Written by : Ashton G. Curran
  • Date Published : 2023-01-28
  • Date Updated : 2023-01-28
  • Category / Tag : audi
The Futuristic Audi Activesphere Concept
The fourth and final prototype of the Sphere series was also to be the most special. A special SUV coupe, with design and technology elements directly from future Audi models....
Audi Activesphere Concept

As characteristically mentioned by the company itself, the activesphere concept manages to bring together opposite elements in a perfect composition. This new prototype maintains the shape of a dynamic coupe SUV car, with satisfying dimensions. Its length reaches 4.98 meters while the wheels it uses are 22". More impressive, however, is its rear part, where by opening the fifth door it transforms into a pickup truck.

In the relevant presentation made by the brand in a portion of the special press, it revealed to us that many of the car's stylistic features are expected to be carried over to the production models in the next five years. The activesphere concept is a harbinger of the brand's next design language.

The second main feature of the car has to do with the technology of the interior. Audi's vision for the future is to offer a quality, as well as individual passenger compartment. A cabin in which you can live your life creatively. And this will be achieved with the help of electronics.

The activesphere concept adopts level four autonomous driving capabilities. When the driver wants to relax and enjoy the ride, the steering wheel moves away from him (as well as the pedals) to enjoy more space and better visibility ahead.

The most impressive feature, however, has to do with the mixed reality capabilities, which we saw a few weeks ago also presented by BMW. Audi dimensions, as it is called, enables the four passengers to enjoy a highly augmented experience, simply by wearing a pair of glasses.

Regarding the drive system, the activesphere concept is obviously electric, with advanced 800V technology. Drive is transmitted to all wheels via a next-generation quattro system. As for the PPE platform on which it is based (the group's future premium electric floor), it promises a range of more than 300 km with a charge of just 10 minutes.

Indicative of all this is the position of Oliver Hoffmann, member of the Board of Directors for Technical Development. "The sphere concept vehicles show our vision for the premium mobility of the future. We are experiencing a paradigm shift, especially in the interior of our future Audi models. The interior becomes a place where passengers feel at home and can connect with the outside world at the same time. The most important technical innovation in the Audi activesphere is our adaptation to augmented reality for mobility. The dimensions of the Audi create the perfect synthesis between the environment and digital reality."

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